Coming Clean

Clean Beauty Artists is a health-conscious hair and makeup company started by two veteran DC makeup artists who have experienced firsthand the ever-increasing need for quality, personalized hair and makeup services catering to the busy lifestyle demands of the DC professional.

First introduced as colleagues, Ky and Suzanne became friends through their shared love of clean beauty looks and indie beauty brands. The duo never dreamed that their mutual love of all things related to beauty would spark a deeper passion that would light the path for a future business venture when they bonded over struggles with unfortunate life circumstances. 

Suzanne was living with an ailing family member and Ky had been suffering health and fertility issues for years. Motivated to maximize wellness for themselves and for their households, both ladies “came clean” with the beauty products that they had been using on themselves as well as in their professional hair and makeup kits. As a result they've never felt better, and they are excited to share their life-changing experience with their clients.

"Our message is simple: You can still use high-quality and high-performing beauty products without risking your health and wellness."